Saturday, February 12, 2011

Midnight Ramblings

Today was the first full Saturday that I've spent in Aix.
It's also the day that I don't get fed (only 6 dinners a week) so I was suppose to meet up with friends for dinner.

Unfortunately, that didn't work out as well as I had hoped since my housemate forgot about our dinner plans :'(or rather our talk about dinner and how she'd let me know once she figured out what she was doing)
but it turned out fine in the end!

I had a nice one on one dinner with a friend who I haven't spent much time with yet.

I should probably start taking photos of food since I seem to be in need of one right now...

More homework to be done until Rome on Thursday!

Currently on episode 16 of 一不小心爱上你, and I wonder why I still have so much work left...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Uh...I lost count.

Quick (but not really) recap of some events since my last post...

Jan 29-30: Nice-Monaco-Cannes
Market place right across from the beach in Nice!
Colors to die for : )

We went to Monaco that night as soon as it stopped raining so that we could go to Monte Carlo!
Originally, we were told we had to be 21 to enter, but apparently, they changed the age restriction some time ago. :D yayyy.

There was a 10 Euro entrance fee though. boooo.

I won 100Euros at blackjack table. yayyyy

2 yays > 1 boo

After a night by the Mediterranean Center (Hostel?), we headed to Cannes!
There was another beach but it was a pretty cloudy day : (
Quick Summary of Cannes
  • took group photo on those famous red carpet steps
  • found those famous hand prints on the floor
  • climbed up a hill to the church (which is where the photo above comes from)
  • Went into a sex shop (surprisingly open on Sundays, since nothing else is)
  • Walked along the beach, took off my shoes and went in. Cold.
  • Walked back to the bus barefoot. Cold. Painful. And lots of stares from locals

Classes : ( My newly added class f'ed up my schedule. Now I have to walk to a 9am class 3/5 days

Feb 1: Wohoo

Let a French guy walk a friend home, only to get a strange phone call from him 15 minutes later.
Don't worry, she's alive.

Feb 3-4: Alex's birthday (Sextius and IPN)
Alex's 21st birthday!

Flaming Shots
Pole Dancing
Interrogated by the bouncer followed by a quick departure...
we did not get "kicked" out, we left on our own...the bouncer was scary : (
2AM French fries : )

Feb 4-5: Paris!
Whoever said the train was cheap, lied. out of his ass.
Arab-run hostel. hmm.
The Louvre (The Mona Lisa is overrated : P )
Eiffel Tower (night and day)
+ other cool looking buildings!

That's all for now!
Currently working on my stack of postcards...
Hope everyone gets them soon!

Oh, one last note.

Currently watching 一不小心爱上你
seems like, no scratch that, it IS a chinese copy of Autumn Tale

Monday, January 24, 2011

Le troisième jour

There was orientation from 9:00 to about 17:00 and yes, we operate on military time :(
Not much to say today...and sadly, I forgot to take any photos because of the fast paced walking tours
There was a lot of information today, namely "faire attention!" and "dites non!" which is referring to pickpockets and of course, French men .

So apparently...making eye contact combined with smiling is often interpreted as
"yeah, I'll go home with you tonight"

Donc, we were told to refrain from smiling because the French were/are not taught to smile.
*shrug* well, me neither : P

After the information session about clubs, pubs, getting shitfaced, etc with some French students our own age, we were finally allowed to leave.
A group of us ended up at Le Monoprix (not actually a "one price" store, more like a cross between a Bloomingdale and a Target, believe it or not). Our attempt at getting a phone plan failed because of our reluctance to compete with the mob at Orange (mobile store).

Again...not much to say, classes begin tomorrow at 9:00 so I'll just end this post with a review of what I've spent today!

Un double café pour 3€
Un sandwich du saucisson avec je ne sais pas (s'appelle Le Préféré) pour 4€
Les d'autre choses comme des cahiers et du shampooing @ le Monoprix pour 7,71€
Les cartes postales pour 3€
Le total est 17,71€ (USD~$24)

So obviously, I can't live like that everyday...hmm

D'accord, bonsoir tout le monde!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Le deuxième jour

Not much to say yet, and not in French either...

It'll come, but maybe not when it's 1AM and I'm tired and a little buzzed from drinking and watching the packer bears game at apparently the only bar in Aix-en-Provence that watches American "football." If anyone's curious, the bar's called "Wohoo," go google for the address, I'm not the yellow pages : P
Tomorrow is orientation and I need to get up early, so I'll make the entry relatively quick with some phone photos of more or less the past few days!

The view on the flight was awesome, the horizon looked like a rainbow in the skies
Also got to watch that movie a about Wallstreet that stars Shiloh (?) Laboeuf

The seat was cramped as hell. I say this because I'm American and I would like the world to accommodate my growing rate of obesity. Also, ignore my large thighs : P
The airport at Charles de Gaulle wasn't bad (the rumors online were made by ignorant people)...but it was awfully crowded at the gates, I stood for like an hour for my connectionThe random park in the city that I found on my little "promenade"

Love birds basking in the sun, how very..Parisian
(but don't let the sun and greenery deceive you, it's..cold.)

Upon our exit, we see the dirty laundry

I've noticed, there's a "coiffure" practically on every corner. Oh, and la pharmacie!
The french must care gravely about their health...and their hair.

Random rue dans la centre ville (commence googling if you haven't figured it through context, you lazy uni -lingual Americans : P )
My housemate, Alex in front of what appears to be a children store : ) très mignon!

Nothing's open on Sunday : ( just the restaurants
I would've gone closer, but I didn't want to scare the locals. Maybe next time ; )

Une fontaine près de chez moi : )

est c'est tout pour maintenant!

Tomorrow, orientation and a cell phone plan!