Sunday, January 23, 2011

Le deuxième jour

Not much to say yet, and not in French either...

It'll come, but maybe not when it's 1AM and I'm tired and a little buzzed from drinking and watching the packer bears game at apparently the only bar in Aix-en-Provence that watches American "football." If anyone's curious, the bar's called "Wohoo," go google for the address, I'm not the yellow pages : P
Tomorrow is orientation and I need to get up early, so I'll make the entry relatively quick with some phone photos of more or less the past few days!

The view on the flight was awesome, the horizon looked like a rainbow in the skies
Also got to watch that movie a about Wallstreet that stars Shiloh (?) Laboeuf

The seat was cramped as hell. I say this because I'm American and I would like the world to accommodate my growing rate of obesity. Also, ignore my large thighs : P
The airport at Charles de Gaulle wasn't bad (the rumors online were made by ignorant people)...but it was awfully crowded at the gates, I stood for like an hour for my connectionThe random park in the city that I found on my little "promenade"

Love birds basking in the sun, how very..Parisian
(but don't let the sun and greenery deceive you, it's..cold.)

Upon our exit, we see the dirty laundry

I've noticed, there's a "coiffure" practically on every corner. Oh, and la pharmacie!
The french must care gravely about their health...and their hair.

Random rue dans la centre ville (commence googling if you haven't figured it through context, you lazy uni -lingual Americans : P )
My housemate, Alex in front of what appears to be a children store : ) très mignon!

Nothing's open on Sunday : ( just the restaurants
I would've gone closer, but I didn't want to scare the locals. Maybe next time ; )

Une fontaine près de chez moi : )

est c'est tout pour maintenant!

Tomorrow, orientation and a cell phone plan!


  1. No, I don't want to go and translate it.. so if we're lazy, you are lazy too you canamerican, since you wouldn't take the 2 seconds to translate for us lol

    Anyways, nice blog, I'll try to check as often as possible. And I'll try to get on Skype more =P. Oh yea, what's the time difference?

    (Btw, this is Melissa)

  2. : P you bum.
    lol, I'm 6 hours ahead : (